The Centenary commemorations for the First World War began in 2014 and there are many plans in place over the coming years.


We have created the ‘WW1 – Inspiring Purpose’ (pilot) poster template to mark the centenary and provide a new opportunity for personal development and self-discovery. By completing this poster; pupils will learn about the values from history, the heroic stories of those who fought and suffered on the front - often making the ultimate sacrifice - and in the process learn new things about themselves that will inform and inspire their own aspirations.


This will enable pupils to think about what is important in life while developing the qualities and attributes that they need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society.


PLEASE NOTE: The first 50 places are 100% grant funded, please tick the appropriate box when you apply on-line and you will receive our resources for free.





We encourage participation in inspire>aspire: Inspiring Purpose as a class or year group. The poster is designed for use with 10-18 year olds.



Please fill out our simple online application form and we will send you as many posters as you need. We will send you further instructions as necessary and keep you informed about the poster templates and indeed the pilot programme in general. If you have any questions we are always happy to help. You can speak to Alex, Nicola or Julie at our offices by calling Tel: 01334 844900 or emailing On application, your resources will arrive within seven days.



The poster exercise is straightforward and can be used to help structure teaching activity. It lends itself well to

a three or five lesson plan but some schools complete in a single day or as a homework project. Each poster has instructions, plenty of space to complete and corresponding resources on this website to help pupils make the most of the activity. You can also use the electronic poster to help develop IT skills.



Upon completion, we ask that teachers submit their most moving pieces of work; the work that best reflects both the aims and the level of overall engagement with the programme. Please submit at most 3 pieces of work that best reflect and commemorate the centenary of WW1 by Friday 1st May, 2015.




A team of judges will review all returns and make awards accordingly. Medals and certificates will be sent to the pupils who produce the most inspiring pieces of work; after the pilot phase, and in 2016, we hope to host ‘Awards Ceremonies’

“While doing this topic, I have realised that life is short and you need to do as much as you can in life and let nothing stop you.”

Ellen Rose Johnston

Islay High School