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Inspire>Aspire enables students to explore their character, ideals and values through a unique poster template.


This is where we showcase output from the Inspire>Aspire Values Poster Awards and share the fantastic work of those involved.

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Inspirational Figure

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Walt Disney

A young artist, struggling to achieve his dream of drawing cartoons for a living, was turned away fr...

Isaac Newton

Newton was born in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, and educated at Grantham Grammar School and Trinity Co...

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin near Hodgenville, Kentucky, the son of a restless pioneer. T...

Samira Bellil

Bellil was born in Algiers, the daughter of a traditional, submissive mother and a brutal father. Ap...

Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl was born in Vienna on March 26, 1905. His father, Gabriel Frankl, was a strong, discip...

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National Awards 2014 - Secondary Ceremony

National Awards 2014 - Secondary Ceremony

Inspire>Aspire National Secondary Awards 2014Monday 16th June, 2014...

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National Awards 2014 - Primary Ceremony

National Awards 2014 - Primary Ceremony

Inspire>Aspire National Primary Awards 2014Monday 16th June, 2014 The...

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Inspire>Aspire: Global Citizens in the Making

Transforming Inspiration into Aspiration

inspire > aspire: Global Citizens in the Making is a personal development programme for young people aged 10-18 and teacher and pupil feedback reveals a transformational effect on many who take part.


Pupils use our unique poster template (and supporting resource) to guide them through a journey of self-discover and inspiration that concludes with making informed statements about the type of person they want to become, their vision for a better world and what they will personally do to bring this vision to life.



The programme is ideal for 10-18 year olds. Are you a teacher? Find out more in our Teachers Area

Thousands of young people around the World have completed their posters.  Join with them and complete your poster too.


Following our Poster Guide, Inspirational Figures and Resources, we'll help you to explore your character, ideals and values and complete your poster template.

Pupil Feedback

"I have learnt things about myself I didn't know."
Beth Gadbury, George Heriot's School


Inspire>Aspire Poster Template

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Welsh Poster Template

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Gaelic Poster Template

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